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Weather Policy

The ANSAA (Arkansas Non-public School Accrediting Association) Board voted at the June 8, 2015 board meeting to grant use of Inclement Weather Make-Up Days (such as Cyber Days, Distance Learning, Off-Campus Student Work Assignments, etc.). Each Inclement Weather Make-Up day will count toward one, six-hour day of the 178-day requirement outlined in ANSAA Standard *6.1. The school must adhere to general guidelines.

Here is how it will work if we have an “Inclement Weather” day:

The Calendar
  • “Make-Up Days” –Traditional “make-up days” have been built into the district calendar that we adhere to and may be utilized as the board has deemed necessary.
  • Inclement Weather Days –will be considered traditional school days and will be counted as regularly scheduled days.
Student Attendance

Students shall be marked “present” on the “Cyber Day” for the purposes of attendance under Standard *6.1 as noted above. The student’s completion of the assignments will serve as additional verification of “attendance.”

Student Work Assignments
  • Content of Assignments –Assignments will be meaningful and synchronous to lesson plans scheduled for the week.
  • Access to Assignments –Students will leave school with an understanding of, and access to, assignments to be completed at home in the event of an “Inclement Weather Day.
  • ”Grades K-2-Assignments will be, Math, Bible, and Science or Social Studies focused. Assignments will be sent to parents via email as well as provided to students the afternoon prior.
  • Grades 3 -5–Assignments will be ELAR, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible-focused. Teachers may assign work via online programming such as TEAMS or other Microsoft solutions. Assignments will be sent to parents via email as well as provided to students the afternoon prior.
Students Without Internet Access or other Supports

As necessary, it is appropriate to send a hard-copy assignment home for students without internet access. Parents need to provide an emailed request regarding this.

Teachers will take into consideration that all assignments are based on previously covered material in the classroom. Students who are unable to complete the assignment at home, due to lack of internet access or other factors, will be given additional time to complete assignments (up to 1 week from the date of “inclement weather day”).

Students with a Directed Service Plan

Lessons will be designed for students with needs, utilizing their program specifications and accommodations. Submission of Assignments–Students, where applicable, will be directed to submit assignments electronically. All other assignments will be returned in the assignment package/folder sent home prior to the inclement weather day.

Please note that it remains our goal to have students in school. Flexible Instructional Days are permissible up to 5 days within a regular 178 school day year.